Hurricane Healing welcomes Stuart Tabrett as the project director and says thanks to Damien Reilly for all his support.
We are very pleased to announce that Stuart Tabrett will be taking over as the project director. ...more
Hurricane Healing makes a new donation for 2017 for sales complete up to the 1st of October 2016.
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Happy New Year for 2017 to all the supporters of Hurricane Healing and the team at the Salvation Army Long Beach, CA !!!
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During the Christmas and New Years break, Hurricane Healing made another donation to the Salvatio...more
New York Shows for Jessy Tomsko.
Folk/Pop artist Jessy Tomsko has signed on for two shows in Astoria, New York for August and Octo...more



Helping victims of Natural Disasters through music.

The Hurricane Healing initiative was established in 2005, with the vision to help all victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster that same year. Since then, Hurricane Healing has grown to give a helping hand to all victims worldwide who have been affected by natural disasters including those in Haiti, Chile and the most recent tsunami disaster in Japan. We donate 50% of all the sales we generate to the Salvation Army in California.

We have been steadily building this initiative to combine music with helping victims of Hurricanes world wide. Its hard in the music world these days with such small amounts of money being paid for music if at all. With the collective help of the many artists that have sent tracks for the compilations we have been able to make a small difference and send regular donations.

Over the past few years the music industry has changed and now everyone streams music and thanks to the many artists that have come together to provide music for this initiative and the many labels that send us music we have been able to send donations so that the Salvation Army can help those in need.

You can find the Hurricane Healing compilation albums on iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, Napster and many more online retailers. To find our compilations, simply search for “Hurricane Healing” as the album title, and you will find it there.

Want to help? It’s very simple. Fifty per cent (50%) of the funds raised by the Hurricane Healing compilations will be donated to the National Headquarters of the Salvation Army in California. The humble workers of the Salvation Army are on the ground in all of the affected areas worldwide, providing food, water and shelter to those who need it most. They have played a large role in the rebuilding process for many of those affected by these natural disasters.

The Hurricane Healing Team

Hurricane Healing has closed and is no longer accepting new music to be distributed via our networks

Thank you very much for your interest in supporting the Hurricane Healing project.

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